Channel Letters

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Product Description

Channel letters are the required standard signage for many commercial office and shopping spaces. Typically used for outdoor and interior storefront applications, channel letters provide businesses with an alluring and professional image. Illuminated letters create high contrast for maximum visibility and impact. We offer both back-lit and front-lit channel letters, as well a raceway mounted option. Our standard channel letter sizes are 15", 18", 21" and 24" in block font style. We can provide any size and letter style by custom quote.


Suggested Uses: Salon sign, restaurant sign, retail sign, store sign, shop sign, chiropractor sign, church sign, auto business sign, auto repair sign, bar sign, business signage, outdoor signage, shopping center signage, spa sign, office sign, commerical signage, retail signage, channel letter sign, front-lit channel letters, back-lit channel letters, raceway letter sign, lighted letters, LED letters, neon letters, retail channel letters.