Programmable LED Signs


According to the SBA study on LED outdoor signs:

Outdoor LED Displays, aka Electronic Message Centers (EMC) are a great investment in your business. Their stunning visuals and animations stand out among traditional retail signage. Dollar for dollar, LED signs offer business owners some of the highest returns on investment in the advertising world. Sales increases of 15-150%, for businesses who added them, are not uncommon.

Investment costs are very little when compared to other types of advertising. With an LED sign, the average cost to reach prospective customers is less than 10% of the cost of any other marketing medium - including TV, radio or newspaper.

For example, The Widget Store averages $1,000 a day in sales. After adding an outdoor LED sign TWS quickly increases its sales by the average minimum  15%, adding another $150 per day - that's an additional $1,050 a week, or $54,600 per year, in revenue just by investing in an LED Display.

Businesses tend to select their advertising medium based upon the CPT, which is the cost-per-thousand exposures of their message to the public. Based on CPT, no other form of advertising compares to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of an outdoor LED sign:

Here's how LED Display signs stack up against other types of advertising media:

  • Newspapers - Average cost is approximately $7.39 per 1000 exposures within a 10mi radius of the business' location
  • Television - Average cost is approximately $6.26 per 1000 exposures
  • Radio - Approximately $5.47 per 1000 exposures
  • New LED sign - Less than $.015 for 1000 exposures!

Here's How: If you invest $10,000 in a programmable LED message center, with an expected life span of 12 years or more the cost is only $2.28 per day. Adding the cost of elecricity (approx. $0.20 per day), brings you to a daily cost of $2.48. Assuming an average traffic count of 20,000 vehicles per day, your cost is less than $0.15 per 1,000 exposures -- the clear winner when it comes to reaching your customer base.

Best of all, with your LED display, you're in control. You can modify and update any message, with ease, ensuring you'll attract and reach the maximum number of customers with valuable information....24hrs a day.