Q. What types of programable LED & Digital signs are offered?

A. Tango Signs offers both monochrome (red) and full-color digital display LED signs. Tri-color LED message signs are also available. Contact us for more information.  

Q. What is the difference?

A. Monochrome LED signs are fabricated with one color LED illumination. Our standard LED color is red. They are the most economical solution for a business or organization to display a variety of information such as specials, promotions, new products, event information, time & temperature, and much more. With the included ImageStar software, your LED sign can be programmed to display graphics and animation in addition to text.

Our full-color LED technology adds the attention-getting element of color and motion animation. With signs measuring 24sq or larger, we include our VideoStar software at no additional charge. VideoStar incorporates full video capabilities (AVI, MPG, WMV), allows you to integrate youtube, weather, news, and other web content, includes  scheduling options, and much more.

Q. What sizes are available?

A. Tango Signs offers several sizes as standard online options. However, we can manufacture LED signs of any size and shape. Contact us for a special quote on a custom LED sign.

Q. What do I get with my LED sign?

A. Included with every LED sign:

  • Wireless receiver / transmitter
  • Time & temp sensor
  • Tempurzone auto-cooling sensor
  • DaySensor auto-dimmer
  • Enviroclean Filtration system
  • Vandalguard (louvers)
  • Spare parts kit
  • Easy-to-use software with training
  • Life-time tech support

Q. There are technical terms used in relation to LED signs such as ‘Pixel’, ‘Pitch’, and ‘Matrix’. What do they mean and why are they important?

A. Each group of LED’s is called a pixel. The more LED’s in a pixel, the better the image will be. Our standard is 3 LED’s per pixel (referred to as RGB). For custom HD quality video display, we also offer 4 LED’s per pixel.

‘Pitch’ is the distance between the center of one pixel (group of LEDs) to the center of the next. A smaller pitch means there are more pixels in the LED display, and the result is higher resolution. While many companies offer a 20mm pitch, our standard pitch is 16mm resulting in a nice, crisp image.

The ‘matrix’ is the total number of LED’s, measured by height and width. For example, a matrix of 64x144 means the LED display is 64 LEDs high & 144 LEDs wide for a total of 9,216 LEDs in the sign display.

Q. Why are LED sign box dimensions not exact?

A. Multiple LED modules are put together to create and LED display. Those electronic modules come in odd dimensions (such as 6.3” x 12.6”). Modules are group together with an effort to come as close to the defined dimension as possible, without going over.

Q. What are the manufacturing specs of your LED signs?

A. We use only the best LED technology available to the market. Illimunating at a brightness of up to 12,000 NITS. Our LED signs are developed, engineered, and supported in North America. Our WeatherPro® sign boxes are IP65 rated, meaning they are weatherproof, and protected from dust, oil, and corrosion. We use the best LEDs available to the market, and our signs are equipped with these integrated technologies:

  • Tempurzone Auto-Cooling Sensor – regulates internal temperature for optimal component longevity
  • DaySensor Auto-Dimmer – adjusts to ambient light levels and increases life of LED screen
  • Enviroclean Filtration – eliminates internal dust & debris
  • Vandelguard – protects against vandalism and damage

Our LED signs come with a 5yr warranty and include:

  • UL Listed components
  • Hydraulic front access – making it easy to install and service
  • Removable lift rings to assist in putting sign box in place
  • Pre-drilled 2” angle iron for mounting

Q. Who will install my LED sign?

A. While Tango Signs doesn’t install signs, our goal is to make the sign buying experience as simple as possible. Our LED signs are pigtailed and can easily be connected by any certified electrician. They are also equipped with removable lift rings for lifting the sign into place, and pre-drilled angle iron for mounting. Upon request, and at no additional charge, Tango Signs will assist you in selecting and scheduling a local sign installer to complete your project. Once your LED sign is in place, one of our knowledgeable technicians will train you and your staff on our easy-to-use software, and provide you access to our 24/7 tech support.

Q. What is the production time for a LED sign?

A. While some LED signs are in-stock items, most are built to order. Production of your LED sign can take 2-6 weeks depending on the size of your sign and the volume of signs in production. An estimated ship date will be provided with your order confirmation.

Q. How will my sign be delivered?

A. Your sign will be carefully packed in a sturdy wood crate, and shipped, fully insured, with a certified freight carrier. You will receive tracking and contact information upon shipment. Please note that listed shipping rates are estimates to most commercial addresses in our standard freight zones. If you do not have a commercially zoned address, please call for assistance. Freight carriers add surcharges to areas of some states including TX, CA, WA, AZ, NH, ME, VT and AK, to residential addresses, and some rural areas. A complete street address will be submitted to the selected freight carrier to determine if surcharges apply prior to shipping your sign. Client is responsible for surcharges when they apply, and will be provided documentation from freight carrier detailing any such expense.